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When a Parent Wants to Relocate with a Child

November 19, 2009 by  
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Copy of Laurie-Israel-013 2nd Twitter copyWe live in a very mobile society. People come to Massachusetts for their education and for job opportunities from all over the U.S. and foreign countries. This poses a problem when a spouse wishes to go back home  after a divorce– to their state (or home country) where their extended family lives and want to take the children of the marriage with them.  (The technical term for this is “removal”. )

The problem also comes up with job loss and employment opportunities for a spouse who has joint or primary custody of the children. It is a difficult problem for spouses to deal with even in an ongoing marriage. So when spouses are divorcing (or have already divorced), when the level of cooperation and good will may be at a lower point, it is especially difficult.

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