Laurie Israel wins great debate against Raoul Felder, Celebrity Divorce Attorney

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Laurie Israel went up against celebrity divorce attorney, Raoul Felder, on September 14, 2012, in the great debate posted on Huffington Report, entitled “Prenuptial Agreements — Are They Necessary?  Two Experts Debate “ .

Laurie_edited-1 copy for ivkdlaw websiteHuffington Post readers voted on the best argument, and Laurie (one of the two “experts” referred to in the title) prevailed, gaining most of the “undecided” votes.    The posting led to Laurie Israel being called to on a streaming video Huffington Post panel (with Raoul Felder and others) on the same topic.  A probing question by Laurie elicited the information that Felder, himself, while pushing prenups for everbody, doesn’t have one himself. “Top Divorce Lawyer Has No Prenup — Blames Donald Trump for Trend.” This flurry of media activity led to Laurie being quoted (correctly, for once) in an article on prenups in the New York Post entitled“New York’s Craziest Prenups”.

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