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Laurie Israel leads 2 day training on Marital Mediation in September, 2014.

Attendees from Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado attended Laurie’s two day training on marital mediation held in Brookline, Massachusetts in September 2014.

Divorce Center presentation on January 27, 2011, in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Laurie Israel was one of the presenters at a seminar sponsored by The Divorce Center on January 27.  Her topic will be financial issues in divorces.

Laurie at Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) conference.    Laurie Israel was invited to the MtMA conference in Helena, Montana in April, 2011, where she presented two workshops on marital mediation.  In May, 2011, Laurie also led marital mediation workshops at Mediation Works, Inc., in Brooklyn, New York and in Brookline, Massachusetts.

First two-day workshop on Marital Mediation given in March, 2010.

After presenting one-day and shorter marital mediation workshops, Laurie Israel and John Fiske, a Cambridge mediator/lawyer realized that a two-day workshop was needed to get practitioners started in this important and helpful area of mediation.

Laurie and John are pioneers in the emerging area of marital mediation. Both have presented on this topic Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States.laurie_thumb[1]


Financial Bootcamp for Divorce Mediators Presentation.

Laurie Israel recently gave a 3 hour workshop at the symposium of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation Family Mediation Institute in Wellesley, MA on November 13, 2009 entitled “Financial Bootcamp for Divorce Mediators”. Susan Miller, CPA was the go-presenter. In 2008, Laurie presented “Mediating through Alimony Minefields” at the Institute. She is a frequent writer for the MCFM Family Mediation Quarterly, most recently in the Winter, 2009 issue, with her article “Times They Are A’ Changin’, or Are They? Alimony in a Changing Landscape”.